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Hi Jewels 💎, 
I love putting the gem emoji in because you are truly a gem !! 
Loving your  products every day ! I had a ‘ big’ b day yesterday , 🎂 one where you change decades. Had my drivers license renewed & the new pic looks much much younger than the one from 4 years ago. AND I passed the vision test without my distance glasses 👓. I did not pass that 4 years ago. 
So keep on creating your magic & I’ll keep finding ways to integrate it & use in ever more magical ways in my life !! Thank you Jewels. There are no limits !!
Love, Deb 🌸🎁🌸💕
“I love the face lift serum for the first time in a long time something that makes you feel and look younger… Thank you for a awesome product.”

-Joann A. – Perry, AZ

“I’ve been an esthetician since 1997. I’ve used a lot of different skin care products. I love these products, not only for their amazing ingredients, but mainly because they’re an energy based skin care line. The toner and moisturizer are my favorite! The ingredients soak into my skin, leaving my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. These products have really improved my skin tone, texture and fine lines.”

– Yvonne Zook – Esthetician, Owner & CEO, A New You, Frisco, CO

“I learned of your products by listening to one of my favorite podcasts, and just had to try your products as they sounded amazing.  I don’t usually purchase skin care products but being a male in my mid-fifties I’m definitely starting to show my age and was up for trying something to try and combat the effects of aging.  Although I’ve only been using your products for a few weeks, I can tell you the energy effect from your products is amazing to say the least.  

I will do my best to try and describe the feeling I get when using your products.  I’ve been an energy healing practitioner for a while now and I think I’m probably more sensitive to energies than most.  The energy I get from your products is amazing!!!!  I’ve been using the Stargate activation oil along with the Carrot and vitamin c serum as well as the eye cream.  There is definitely something to these products beyond just making you more youthful.  My confidence, clarity and ability to read peoples energy have improved tremendously and I know they will help me with my life mission of assisting in the healing of humanity and am so thankful for your products and know they have been given to us by our galactic brothers and sisters.  Thank you Julie for being here on this planet at this time to bring us these amazing products that I know we need at this time on our planet.  I cannot wait to see where these products will take me in the future.” 


-Steven G.

“About a week ago I received my order from Infynite Gold. I had spoken to Jewels about my desires and certain things that I was feeling and also an issue with my little Schnauzer Annie whom is 13 years old. Annie had a little lump on her back hip that she licked all the time and I shared that with Jewels and she had me send a picture of Annie and myself. She then created a formula for Annie and I. Two separate bottles that I use two drops and for Annie I put four drops on her lump. Jewels recommended that I figure out the energy between Annie and I that needed to be healed. This is what I came up with; “We both needed to feel more light hearted and playful in life and embrace the love in life!” When I first started putting the drops on Annie…she was very touchy and would hardly let me touch the area. Now I rub the drops in hard and massage the area. It is getting smaller and smaller. She now drags all of her toys out and squeaks them and wants to play a lot!! I too have felt lighter and more joy. We are raising both of our vibrations and feeling the miracles of these products.”

-Bonnie K. -Eaton, CO

“I started on the Infynite Gold Skincare Regimen and my skin looks and feels absolutely amazing!!! I started with with the Face Lift Serum, Multiplex Peptide Serum, and Renewing and Restorative Day Cream. My fine lines and wrinkles are literally diminished, my skin is more even-toned (used to have somewhat rosacea redness due to sun damage in my early years) and I can tell that my skin is less puffy. I have auto-immune and puffiness as a side effect. The Infynite Gold products are truly life-changing. My doctor even noticed on my last visit how my skin is literally glowing and asked me what I changed. I highly recommend Infynite Gold!”
– Angela Delmedico, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
“Thank you for your love and support in this morning’s activation.  It feels like I’ve had a day in Heaven.  Since I
awoke this morning, the colors and the beauty in the world seemed amplified.  I’ve been basking in the space
of sweet appreciation all day and now I’m headed into work and feel more inspired than ever to pass it along.
Sharing love is the simplest and most amazing thing I can think of to do with my life and that’s what I get to do
for a job.  I see that I’ve created an amazing profession for myself.  I see the blessings all around me, and that’s now
including you, Jewels.
I would love to continue learning about you and opening up to the ascension process.  Please give me your 
advice and how to continue to learn from you.”

-Gloria M.  

“I love Infynite Gold Skincare Products! I started with the Multiplex Peptide Serum and Renewing Face Cream.  I use both daily and my skin has never looked and felt better! It used to look dull and now I have a constant glow! I also love knowing that what I’m putting on my skin is organic with all-natural ingredients, a must in this day and age.”
– Beija Garcia, West Palm Beach, FL
“Jewels…I am blown away by your gift. I had no idea of your healing ability until it started to shine through this group through your activations, wisdom share in the calls & emails & such. Last night…you changed my life. Yes, I recognize that I am ready to truly release myself from blocks, but what you have done for me is make the last 20 years of my life make sense. I am so grateful for this experience, for you and your willingness to share your gifts with us. I need a trip to meet you one day very soon. During the last year during our interactions with product…I liked you very much and thought of you as s friend. Now I know your one of my ascension sisters. Namaste my dear. Namaste♥️”
-Carole R. Cammel by the Sea, CA 
“Infynite Gold Face Lift Serum has made me a believer in this product! It has proven to show visual signs of working as it claims it will! Wonderful product! Thank you!”

-Virginia W. – Hickory Ridge, AZ

“Hello Dear Jewels, I just experienced the alchemist’s fire! It’s a wonder I didn’t burn up! I love this transmission- I got an instant image of my male and female chromosomes all in a circle and they started lengthening and intertwining into a coiled cable reaching up. 
I finished the step 1 bottle and started the serum and elixir yesterday; I feel a lot going on internally on all levels; I find the need to just be quiet and alone, which is basically who I am anyway. It’s kind of like being in my own chapel❤️.  Love 🧚🏿‍♂️

-Victoria A.

“I started using Infynite Gold because I saw how it improved my friend’s skin. I had horrible sunspots and I was embarrassed. I looked older then I was. After the first week I could see a difference. Now, 6 months later I look better than I did 5 years ago. It’s changed my life. My sunspots are lighter and the wrinkles around my eyes are gone. I look 35 and I’m loving it!”

– Diane T. – Wichita, KS

“It’s been 2 weeks since I started using the serum, etc and I have to tell you I’ve noticed not only such a brightness in my skin but a definite change in how people react to me. I seem to attract strangers who need directions or help of some kind but it’s been non-stop lately, they bee-line over while I’m walking down the street! The other thing that was amazing is I’ve had really stubborn dark circles under my eyes for the last 25 years after I had an operation. The blood kind of pooled and never really cleared up. I put some of the elixir under my eyes and in less than 2 days I look like a different person, they’re not gone but I don’t look tired anymore. I just love these products and I’m so happy to find something that’s not just “cosmetics” but is energy based. “

-Victoria M. – New York, NY


“I love the Multi-Plex Serum!  I use it on all my clients. It absorbs really well and is light and natural.  It’s become a Best Seller!”

-Denise F. – Berthound, CO  Esthetician



“I really enjoyed my sample of Infynite Gold Face Lift Serum. It has a nice soft feel on my skin. No greasy feeling and it smells nice too!”

-Lisa M – Wylie, TX

“Thank you very much for offering a sample size of your face lift serum. It was well worth the cost of shipping.
I could definitely see a difference in my eyelids especially.”
If you have any doubt, try this product!”

-Georgette A. – San Diego, TX

“Hi everyone! I am a member of an awesome group called Tryit2. They posted about the free sample of Infynite Gold Face Lift Serum and I filled out the form and they sent it to me. Well finally tonight I had the chance to try it…OMG, it works…The skin on my neck looks so much firmer and around my eyes. OMG! I love it…Thank you so much for the awesome product.”

-Paulette M. – Universal City, TX

“I decided to give the Infynite Gold Renewing Face Cream a try. I took a ‘before’ picture not expecting to see much in one week. I am so happy I did! My ‘after’ picture showed how much the wrinkles around my eyes diminished. It was astonishing!”

– Linda H. – Sun City, AZ



“I immediately felt the skin tightening effects and the smoothing element in the cream made my face feel young again!”

-Erika B. – Dillon, CO

“I wanted to share some of the things I’m seeing. When I started with your product my skin was very red and irritated. My eye underneath was very red and bloodshot and lid swollen. I can definitely feel something is changing and my eye feels healthy again and no swelling. The opening is smaller. I will keep you posted, your product is miraculous!! Thank you!”

– Bonnie K., Eaton, CO

“Like most men, skincare products other than sunscreen, are not on on my radar. After trying the Face Lift Serum, I suggest you and especially spiritually aware men, might think otherwise. You simply must try this uniquely and lovingly formulated product on your cheeks and especially temples (an area particularly vulnerable to damage from wind and sun). Give it time and the results will surely speak for themselves.”

-Guy S. – Silverthorne, CO

“Infynite Gold Renewing Face Cream has changed my life. I was getting discouraged as my face started showing age. I was losing confidence in myself. I noticed a huge difference in just a few weeks! My pores are smaller and the skin around my mouth and neck is firmer. I am dating again!!”

– Jessica W. – Gillette, WY

“I love the face lift serum. Could see noticeable difference in the first use. Would recommend to family and friends.”

-Wendy C. – High Point, NC

“A client of mine had a very unusual raised mole type growth or a raised area of hyperkeratosis between her brows.  She completely removed it by using a combination of your creams. It was like a miracle!

I also LOVE the Face Lift Serum.  It absorbs right into the skin is feel so natural!  The results speak for themselves!”

-Denise A. – Stillwater, MI – Esthetician – Owner/CEO of The Fountain, Stillwater, MI

“I love the Infynite Gold Face Lift Serum!  The essential oil fragrance is magical and the lotion is soothing and nourishing.  I have seen a noticeable difference in the skin around my lips and jawline after just a few weeks of use!  I’ve never seen results like this from any other product I have used before.  I have also been using the product on accupressure points to assist in activating the flow of energy through meridians that were sluggish and blocked.  When used in tandem with meditation and stretching, I have experianced a great expansion in the flow of energy through the points where I applied the serum.  It is now a tool I will continue to use in my energy and boby healing work.  Thank you!”

-Kerri L.- Dillon, CO

” Infynite Gold Skin Care Line is earthy goodness. The light fragrance and texture is divine. It has softened my skin, reduced fine lines and evened my skin tone. These products do not leave me questioning if I’m putting harmful chemicals into my body, which is a blessing!”

– Heather S. – Breckenridge, CO



“Infynite Gold products are the best. This company isn’t kidding when they say their products deliver proven results. I use the Face Lift Serum and the Multiplex Peptide Serum along with the Renewing Face Cream and the results are truly amazing. Can’t wait to get started on more products!”
– Adele Cedeno, Fort Lauderdale, FL 


“I am so grateful to have discovered Infynte Gold products. After returning from vacation with a sunburned face I was given the product to use by a dear friend. After only 1 day of use I noticed immediate results!  My skin stopped peeling. It changed my leather skin to feeling soft and smooth as well as raising my intuitive vibrations. Thank you Infynte Gold!”
-Lynn R., Bloomington, MN 



I wanted to let you know how I am doing with the Infynite Gold CBD products.  I can say definitively that Infynite Gold has caused a significant reduction in my pain and inflammation, as well as vast improvement in my mood and ability to get restful sleep.Due to a combination of factors, including a spider bite, I developed sudden onset arthritis, swelling and intense pain and burning sensations, as well as numbness in the hands.  Over the course of six months, I tried homeopathics, herbs, teas, dietary changes, essential oils, body work, chiropractic, acupuncture, meditation, and energy medicine from various healers.  I achieved some  relief, but serious issues remained.

Before trying Infynite Gold, several fingers remained swollen and painful.  I had very little manual dexterity and no grip strength.  I couldn’t close my hands fully or open them flat.  It felt as though the tendons and ligaments were inflamed and painful when used.  Electromagnet fields coming off electronic devices caused intense burning sensations in the hands, so I couldn’t hold a cell phone or work on a computer for very long.  Everything I touched, including soft fabric, felt like rough sandpaper.  Also, the pain and inflammation was spreading to other joints in the body.  This ordeal had left me very depressed.

Due to the severity of my condition, I began using the Infynite Gold CBD products frequently throughout the day.  Within a week, I noticed a significant reduction in pain and inflammation in my hands.  When I had intermittent acute pain or muscle spasms, the lotion would give me prompt relief.  With the tincture, I began sleeping much better and my  mood improved greatly.  I wasn’t completely pain free yet, but I was able to use my hands more and was regaining my ability to function in the world.

After a few weeks, I decided to cut back on the product usage to determine whether it was the Infynite Gold or something else that was responsible for the improvement in the autoimmune condition.  Within a few days, the pain and inflammation (and unhappiness) began to return. 

I had tried another CBD product before Infynite Gold, but quit taking it since it didn’t seem to give me any relief.  The Infynite Gold CBD products are high quality, and I find them to be highly effective.

Lisa W. WI


Check Out These Amazing Infynite Gold Before & After Photos!

Cindy A
Silverthorne, CO

Eric S
Myrtle Beach, SC

Linda H
Sun City, AZ

Naomi S
Myrtle Beach, SC

Yvonne Zook
Frisco, CO