Reprogram Cells to Eternal Youth! OMcodes is a biocoded frequency sequence that is talking to the cells to awaken to the reality of Aging in Reverse. Erika interviews Jewels on the newest technology to reverse aging at a cellular level. Can we Age in Reverse?
OMcodes is a process of taking you into your frequency of origin… ONENESS. In the state of ONENESS you are all that is. You are Eternal and you ARE Limitless. As a Conscious being you have the ability to expand beyond the programming of Aging. It is a process of choices and awakening and/or turning off the appropriate gene codes. This is a pathway of human evolution.
“We are living in a higher timeline where we can exist without limitation. Limitation is held in the mind, DNA, cells and genetics. Our bodies no longer resonate in the 3D yet we still vibrate at the frequency of our thoughts. The only thing holding us in the density of the 3rd dimension, is the way we are wired to think, act and BE. I challenge you to question your very existence. The key to human evolution is right inside of you.
You are THE WAY.” -Jewels