Meet The Founder

Meet the Founder

The Beginning of Conscious Skincare: Meet Eternal Gold™ Founder, Jewels

Julie Arnes, Founder of Eternal Gold™

Eternal Gold™ founder Jewels launched Eternal Gold™ Skincare Products in 2016 when she felt a calling to create the most advanced natural skincare line to promote healthy skin, healing, DNA repair and powerful anti-aging properties.

After working for decades as a healer, Jewels truly knows what drives healing—it isn’t combining the latest chemical cocktail, it is using elements from our natural world to truly heal from the inside out.

With over 25 years of experience and a vast background and education in multiple healing modalities and natural health, Jewels has numerous certifications and accreditations. Jewels holds Kinesiology, Polarity and Massage Certifications from the BMSI Institute in Overland, Kansas. Jewels earned Certifications in Holistic Health, Mindfulness and the Mind/ Body Connection, Aromatherapy from the Southwest Healing Institute in Tempe, Arizona. Jewels earned Cranial Sacral Certification from Healing Arts Connection in Phoenix, Arizona. Jewels is a Reiki Master Healer and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Jewels also holds Certifications in Energetic Transformation, Quantum Healing Techniques, Infinity Healing, Vibrational Therapy and Intuitive Counseling. Jewels has undergone multiple Apprenticeships in Native American Medicine.

Currently, Jewels speaks at local and national conferences on natural health and healing. In 2017, Jewels presented at the Body Mind Spirit Festival in Loveland, Colorado on how scalar energy heals, transforms and reprograms human cells, DNA and reverses disease. Jewels is a Deeksha Giver and also leads a local Divine Mind Meditation group based on Oneness Blessings. Jewels is a published author and is passionate about helping others heal.

Eternal Gold™ Skincare: Raising the frequency of the planet one-face-at-a-time!

Eternal Life is our True Nature. A Soul’s evolution depends upon finding the Keys within. Ascension into The New Earth frequencies is Humanity’s Gateway to Soul evolution on Earth. Jewels created Eternal Gold™, All Natural Skincare products, as a delivery system for elements and frequencies, specifically selected to bring about this expansion. Jewels developed the Eternal Gold™ Products to hold the frequencies that support those on the journey of raising & expanding Consciousness and maximizing Human Potential. Eternal Gold™ is not only a miraculously effective youthening skincare line, it also utilizes the potent Consciousness of ORMUS Elements and the dimensionally transcendent power of Scalar Energy. Synergystically they activate the Divinity Codes within the DNA. Once the DNA is activated, the Awakening Process is advanced, which makes it infinitely possible to Ascend beyond the limitations of the mind, 3d programming and the illusions of physical reality. Jewels is Eternal Gold™’s Ingredients Alchemist and Frequency Layering Specialist evolving the transformative applications of these products. Find out what it means to youthen aging by accelerating Ascension with Eternal Gold™ Ascension Gateway Products. Consciously Created for the Mind Body and Spirit, this is skincare of the future, now!

How It Began

In 2013, Jewels experienced a traumatic spine injury and was told she would never be able to work again, much less regain feeling back in her left hand. First humbled and then inspired by this experience, she found healing through a Mind/ Body approach to the journey ahead. After working for decades as a healer, Jewels truly knows what drives healing—it isn’t combining the latest chemical cocktail, it is using our natural elements to truly heal people from the inside out. In 2015, after losing a best friend to cancer, Jewel’s passion for integrating true health throughout every cell of the body expanded.

Conscious Aging: Healing From the Inside Out

In 2016, Jewels started creating the Eternal Gold™ skincare line by integrating specific frequencies such as Repaired DNA, activated DNA to promote healthy cellular regeneration, healing and the most advanced skin repair. Word began to spread in the esthetic world on her first product, Renewing Face Cream, and the Eternal Gold™ product line began. Estheticians and dermatologists loved the product and the positive healing and anti-aging results started pouring in! Word-of-mouth spread, demand for Eternal Gold™ products grew, and Jewels now has 19 products. Julie is dedicated to continuously learning and applying her knowledge to create the most advanced natural organic anti-aging skincare line.

Eternal Gold™

Powerful energing and Anti Aging and Energetic Healing properties with ormous and gold