About Us

Infynite Gold Skincare’s unique formula is designed to give the skin the ability to heal itself. With a Mind, Body, Spirit approach, the products work as one unit on multiple levels. From all the organs to optimum minerals and vitamins, Infynite Gold delivers a unique formula different than any other Skincare Line. Using Energetic Imprints of repaired DNA and Telomeres, the products work by delivering the highest level of reverse aging technology available. Free of toxins, Infynite Gold uses all natural ingredients that will deliver youthful looking skin in less than 2 weeks.

How Infynite Gold Works: The Science

The science! The Health and lifespan of a human being is affected by telomeres. Telomeres are DNA–protein structures found at both ends of each chromosome. Telomere length shortens with age, meaning that as the telomere of the DNA shortens, you feel and exhibit the signs of the aging process on your skin. The rate of telomere shortening can be either increased or decreased by lifestyle, diet, exercise and stress levels. Healthy lifestyles can lead to an increased lifespan by allowing telomere length to be maintained—which is essential for combatting the corrosive effects of time on our skin! Shorter telomeres are associated with increased incidence of disease, aging and shorter lifespans. Infynite Gold Skincare products contain full-length telomere frequencies. These frequencies help repair the DNA, heal, protect and regenerate youthful skin, and provide powerful anti-aging benefits.

How Infynite Gold Works: Energetic Frequencies

How do Infynite Gold Skincare Products accomplish this? Everything is composed of energy. All energy is composed of scalar vibrations, including every single cell in your body. Scalar energy embeds itself into objects in its field to include substances or products, which can then become carriers of this intelligent energy. A key ingredient of Infynite Gold Skincare Products is the scalar energy of healthy skin stem cells. When Infynite Gold Skincare Products are used on the skin or energy points, the healthy energy is transferred to your damaged cells with the component nutrients and resonance of high frequency scalar energy.The body is made of energy and does not register the difference between an actual cell and the energy of a cell. Your body absorbs that energetic frequency of the stem cells as if it were actually the cell itself!

How Infynite Gold Works: Restorative Skincare

A quick way to think of this process: Think of telomeres as the blueprint of how and how long a person will live. Scalar Energy is the frequency at which optimal health can occur at the telomere. ORMUS is both the battery and conductor of the frequency and restorative process.


Powerful energing and Anti Aging and Energetic Healing properties with ormous and gold